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Welcome to my Home page! I am having a great time learning how to build and maintain a web site. I hope you have the time to check out the other pages that I have built and linked to this site. Should you have any questions or comments please click on the e-mail link on the left side of the page. Thanks, Mark.

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Galena, Illinois. Originally I drew this work using 12 different weight Bruynzeel pencils in black and white on a 24 X 18 piece of Stratford paper during a very cold February in 1999. I redrew the work this year with the aid of my Macintosh G4 computer using an Adobe Photoshop program. I titled the work Timeless Truth. St. Matthews Lutheran Church is a wonderful place to draw early on a Sunday morning before the service begins. The tree in front was my idea of the strong and always changing congregation.

Winter has arrived. We are going out tommrow morning Sunday Jan. 23 2005 to do a new sculpture, so check out the Snow Sculpting page later in the week for new pictures.

This is a picture of Vivian’s Mothers camp on Trout Lake in the Adirondacks of up state New York. here.

Judy and Ray enjoying Willow Festival 2005.

My little park bench project.

Please visit my Home Inspection page. I am a very qualified and licensed Illinois home inspector. Please remember me when you or some one you know is buying a new home.

This is a picture of the old gas station in Wasco 2002. I named the work Don't Blink it's Wasco.

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