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The family page

I want to put some of my fond memory's here to share with family and friends.

November 26, 2017 Frances is being baptized.

My question is who is holding who?

I worked as a tour guide in Galena.

Sonya our sweet little girl dog.

The day we got Sonya

This our little dog Sonya. We received our little friend on March 14, 2015 about 1:20pm.

This is our little dog Sonya after one year 2016.

This is our little dog Sonya after two years 2017.

This is our little dog Sonya after three years 2018.

New Orleans

tit Rex Parade

Rachael and her BFF Danielle have been one of the tit Rex Krewes for several years. The 2016 parade theme was No Big Deal.

To learn more about the "tit Rex" parade click here.


Rachael and Danielle allowed me to make some throws for the 2016 parade. I started by buying poker chips and then making a design on Adobe Illustrator.

Next I ordered one inch round clear labels on line.

After printing the design on and round labels I attached them to the poker chips.

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