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Fun Stuff

I want to put some of my fond memory's here to share with family and friends.

Papa's Peonies

Coral Charm

My grandfather Samuel Wissing did extensive work with peonies. Sam has received two Gold Metals for his work from the American Peony Society for his creation of Coral Charm awarded the gold metal in1986 & Coral Sunset awarded the gold metal in 2003. Fifty one other peonies share the prestigious Gold metal. Only 32 men and women have earned the award since 1923. Over 3,000 peonies are registered with the American Peony Society. My Grandfather registered 12.

The real genius of Sam Wissing's work is the creation of the Coral colored peony. He also wanted the blooms to stand on a thick strong stem to present the flowers high in the air and not falling over. Another habit of these magnificent bushes includes only one flower per stalk. Sam's award winning peonies also could be propagated using a new technique developed by his close friend and mentor Carl Klehm. At one time the Coral Charm Peony was the largest selling cut Peony in the WORLD.

Coral Sunset

Mark and Vivian Wissing Ⓒ 2018

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