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New Orleans

This is a printable PDF of my NOLA food review

The people that started the tradition of having a Riemer family gathering are the 6 cousins pictured here from left to right Ron, Phyladel, Joanne, George, Jack, and Bill.

This year the Reimer family is converging on NOLA for a re-union.

The 2018 Reimer family re-union was held in New Orleans, LA. The event was hosted by Bill Dearshaw, Marcy Lally, and Rachael Borges. The family members started to arrive on Friday Septemer 7, 2018..

The 2018 re-union in New Orleans, LA.

The family lunch was on Saturday September 8, 2018 at the 2 Tonys.

Rachael's new park bench.

November 26, 2017 Frances is being baptized.

My question is who is holding who?

Francy in the Easter Bunny mode.

Gillian making bubbles on the front porch May 2018.

Sonya our sweet little girl dog who came from New Orleans. She arrived on March 14, 2015 to be with us in Illinois

Sonya was born on or about January 1, 2014. She is a mixed breed of French Bulldog and Terrier. Sonya weighed 23.8 lbs. when we adopted her and currently she weighs 27 lbs.

Sonya was a stray on Vixen Street, Algiers, LA. across the river from New Orleans when found. Sadly she had been hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvic on her left side.

Sonya was picked up by animal control and taken to the Bull Dog Rescue of New Orleans, LA. The rescue had gotten her the surgical care she needed and then during recovery she was placed in foster care with my daughter Rachael.

After recovery she was sent back to the rescue to be put up for adoption. This is where the story gets cute. Just after she went back to the rescue, Vivian and I went to New Orleans to visit Rachael during festival.There are about 70 Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans each year during the four and a half weeks of festival.We love the dog parade and try to attend annually. There are hundreds of dogs in the parade and thousands of dogs and their masters watchingthe parade, all dressed up in costumes. Sonya was placed in the parade by the rescue in hopes someone might see her and then adopt her. Vivian did not know the dog and had never seen her. Sonya caught Vivian’s attention when Sonya paraded past us. Vivian bent down and started to cry as she was petting the little dog.

That is a true story of love at first sight. Vivian and I adopted her March 1, 2015, and had her shipped to us in Illinois.

This is our little dog Sonya after three years
March 14, 2018.

New Orleans

tit Rex Parade

Rachael and her BFF Danielle have been one of the tit Rex Krewes for several years. The 2016 parade theme was No Big Deal.

To learn more about the "tit Rex" parade click here.


Rachael and Danielle allowed me to make some throws for the 2016 parade. I started by buying poker chips and then making a design on Adobe Illustrator.

Next I ordered one inch round white labels on line.

After printing the design on and round labels I attached them to the poker chips.

Mark and Vivian Wissing Ⓒ 2018

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