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Welcome to my art fart page. I plan to put some of the art work I have done over the years here for me to admire. I will place pictures of my drawings and some of the 3 D stuff also. Enjoy. Mark.

This is a drawing of the Marcy family farm house in Burlington,IL. I spent 7 years living here and did a study of this beautiful farm. Between drawings and sketches I did over 60 pieces of art work not to mention all the other stuff during that period of time. The farm belongs to the Meisinger family and I was blessed the day I meet them. I plan to go back and do more drawings at this peaceful place.

The Phantom of Westminster: This is a drawing of Galena, IL as seen from under the US 20 highway bridge. The drawing shows the church without its characteristic spire. Look carefully and you can find the Phantom watching over this beautiful place. When I drew the work I did not intentionally draw the Phantom. Since the time I finished this work an anonymous doner has contributed the money needed to have a new Steeple erected.

St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Galena, Illinois. Originally I drew this work using 12 different weight Bruynzeel pencils in black and white on a 24 X 18 piece of Stratford paper during a very cold February in 1999. I redrew the work in 2004 with the aid of my Macintosh G4 computer using an Adobe Photoshop program. I titled the work Timeless Truth. St. Matthews Lutheran Church is a wonderful place to draw early on a Sunday morning before the service begins. The tree in front was my idea of the strong and always changing congregation.

The snowman is the first piece of original art work I ever did on a computer. This was lots of fun. When I started learning how the computer drawing tools worked I could not stop. I am sure I spent 30 plus hours working on this. My best friend and wife Vivian said she felt completely invisible during those few days. The program I used was Claris Works 4, on a Macintosh Dual Dock lap top. in January 2000.

The picture above is five separate drawing from Willow valley near Stockton, IL. I scanned the individual drawings and added them together using Adobe Photo Shop..

I love the Willow Music Festival! I have been attending on and off for over 20 years. Recently I have been invited to camp at the festival, so I arrive on Friday and site up camp. This is the best way to enjoy Willow. Friday when the musicians arrive they set up their camp sites and pull out their music and start jamming. This goes on until early the next morning. The picture is a drawing I did and was use as this years 2005 tee shirt design.Thank you for the honor Willow.

I did this drawing in a very cold Feburary.

This is a drawing of the house I owned in Galena IL for 21 years.

The Galena Artist Guild invited me to exhibit some of my work. The drawing in this picture was the invitation I drew for the show.

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